Friday, August 1, 2008

The next generation of social networking site

The social networking community site is one a top website in the internet.
This would be an opportunity for everyone to join become member with this site community for looking friends in the world for relationship, business, dating, having fun and may even exist to married with exchanging across the region with multi-nationals, cultural, religions, racial and local practices.

Some of networking community site have launched the winning community program to offer which member social website can create web space and also wins the money.

They are a common social networking site, but the difference is that they pay their valued members for using the site by sharing the advertising revenue.

They want to share the gains with their members because their social community websites are doing big profits by advertising and the big work is done by actually the members!

Each of members will win money depending on how much profit their website has generated, and of course how many points the user member has earned and these points will be converted to money

Member can do to making money with the winning social networking community when the member must earn points by viewing or updating member site such as:
* Inviting friends, Family, and Acquaintances
* Some one viewing your profile
* Your blog
* Your comments
* Your music and videos
* Your Picture Albums
* Your Journal Entries
* Etc

The most valuable part of the social networking community is its Members.
By using the social networking community site and by referring others to the site, users add value and help the social networking community site to generate revenues and for that, user should get some of that value user provide.

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