Saturday, January 16, 2010

Business opportunity In India

India is now increasingly the focal point of the world, not only base on the people population or growing of nuclear technology, but India's economic growth to impress many people. Many countries or people who want to connect trade and business with India. But if want to connect trade with them, prepare well yourself and be patient. Some people who never do business reminded to understand the name "Indian Standard Time". A survey says that in business life than the everyday other countries, the culture slowly, suspension or order delivery interruptions are common. Some entrepreneurs say that the Indian business world as lacking sensitivity to the need for "urgency or speed" when compared with other countries. But maybe that is one of trait prudence even although they are known to easily give a turgid promise that free every day but slow to keep his promise.

Know the India culture
To facilitate business society with them, it better us to a lot of reading stories Indian culture. Whether it's the social culture of life everyday, modern and traditional life, religious or humorous stories about them. These things will speed up a little more know in the culture and their characters so easy to understand them when face to face in a social gathering or business meeting

In a meeting or discussion groups, only most senior person who can talk, but does not mean that the others agree with his opinion. Other participants would prefer silence to show respect or trying to avoid showing lack of fondness. Criticized the idea of a person or a wroking person to be done without hurting the feelings constructively and self-esteem a person. They have great respect and obedience to superiors or hierarchy in the office at work. For Indians who are reluctant or embarrassed to say the word "no" directly, would answer that he would try to work on. If there are no results later on what should be the fulfillment, do not be surprised.

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