Thursday, January 22, 2009

Falling in Love

It has been said, "Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever." Albert Einstein, one of the foremost scientists of modern times, once concluded that gravitation cannot be held responsible when people fall in love. Perhaps what he was really trying to get across was the fact that love just happens and cannot be planned or executed. There are no rules to falling in love, it just happens and when it does, few are left sensible enough to ask why, when, what and how.

Now, it is absurd to attempt understanding love, not only because the task is impossible but also because falling in love requires no comprehension. People fall in love all the time - with animals, with inanimate objects, with places, with themselves and of course with each other. Most times people fall in love without even realizing that they are doing so, and when realization does strike, they are already in too deep. For those who believe in the laws or karma i.e. what goes around come around, love becomes something inevitable. As per these laws, people fall in love in a particular lifetime because their actions in earlier lives deemed it so. Everything is determined by the past, the individuals falling in love, the opportune moment, and the time length of the relationship. This may be a hard principle to grasp practically, but as humans, it gives us hope by telling us that what is meant to happen, will happen, and it will only happen when the individual is ready.

In this age of modernization, technology is being used to paint over the landscape of love. Love letters are being replaced by emails and chat rooms have taken the place of secret midnight liaisons. Individuals can look for brides over the Internet and use online community portals to meet their better halves. Some may even go to the extent of getting married online. Falling in love has become a science that functions in the unrestricted world of computers. However, the advent of technology into lovemaking cannot be scoffed at, since many people have met their soul mates on the Net and gone on to live happily ever after. The only risk is that perhaps, the loss of personal contact will make people fall in love a lot slower and possibly make relationships a bit colder.

Sources by: Jimmy Sturo

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Social Networking Most Of The Major Categories

To be sure, Google, MSN, Yahoo and the like are all excellent ways of getting your name out there. But it can take a long time to get your site to the top of most of the major categories, What can you do to get more clients?
For one thing, you might want to take a look at what your kids are doing on their computers.

Facebook and MySpace are the scourge of teachers and employers everywhere. In many schools, a student caught looking at one of these sites during class ends up in detention, and younger employees caught on these sites during working hours can get reprimanded or worse. Wikipedia, which is an encyclopedia site that gives brief or lengthy summaries of almost everything, is also the scourge of academics because, since it is updated by users, it can be inaccurate. Many are the lazy college students who have been caught cutting and pasting a Wikipedia entry on their term papers.

While these sites are ridiculously popular with teenagers, they aren't the only ones using them. Adults have caught on to the Facebook and MySpace craze, seeing them as a great way to stay in touch with friends and to find old ones. In terms of finding old friends, it has been said in some quarters that Facebook and MySpace may be the end of the high school reunion, simply because the internet makes it very easy to find and keep in touch with all of your old classmates.

YouTube, which is a site that allows people to post their own video content and others to view it free of charge, has enjoyed immense popularity, so much so that Google actually purchased YouTube in 2007 to the tune of about $2 Billion. So can you make these sites work for you? The answer is an emphatic yes, and the good news is that you can do it fairly simply.

Social Networking Sites
Signing up for Facebook and MySpace is absolutely free. What they allow you to do is to create a profile page, in which you can put whatever information you deem appropriate.
MySpace allows for more decoration and personal touch than Facebook, but as of right now Facebook is more popular. But considering that both are free, you should feel free to sign up for both. In the sections that you fill out to tell people about yourself, tell them that you are a personal injury attorney and tell them the practice areas that are your specialty. You are also given the opportuníty to include links, so give them the link to your website.

In order to make the site truly work, it helps to have "friends," which is what happens when you link up to other members with their own pages. If your employees have accounts, become friends with them. If one of your clients has a MySpace or Facebook account, become friends with them. If your teenager can stand the utter embarrassment, be friends with him or her. All of this increases your profile and also gets picked up in Google and other search engines. MySpace offers you a blog to update, which is always good, and both sites allow you to post videos. This brings us to YouTube.

YouTube Video Sites
If you have already shelled out the money for a commercial to be aired, why not double up on the exposure by putting it on YouTube? And unlike paying for television air time, YouTube is completëly free. If you don't have a commercial ready, you can certainly make one, or simply record the testimony of a satisfied client. You no longer need a high profile production team. These days, all you really need is a camera, some basic video editing software, and an imagination.

Most people don't like the idea of writing about themselves in the third person, but Wikipedia gives you a great opportuníty to post your professional biography and accomplishments online. Also, in the "references" section, you can link to your website, any articles that you might have written, or any newspaper articles describing cases that you have won. Also, due to its popularity, a Wikipedia page routinely pops up in the first page of Google for almost any subject that you can think of. These are only a few of the many ways that you can improve the web traffíc of your law firm. It doesn't take much time, and the benefits greatly outweigh the effort that it takes to get started.

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