Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine 2009
Valentine's Day, on 14 February is a day which the lovers and those who are fall in love to says love in the West World. As a Roman Catholic feast day histories have discussed in the Valentinus Saint article. Some readers may want to read the Valentinius entries also. This feast may not associated with romantic love before the end of the Middle Century when the concepts of this kind were created.

A date on Valentine often considered that the couple who are involved in a serious dating relationship . actually valentine is a Romance day, not only to the sweetheart or beloved, Valentine is the greatest Romance day does not mean no feel the love except valentine.

In the United States began in the second half of 20th century and then f0llowing by other countries, this feast has associated with a general greeting platonik love "Happy Valentine's", which can be spoken by men to their female friend and expanded the tradition exchange cards and also include the provision of all kinds of gifts, usually by men to women. Usual gift are rose and chocolate. Start 1980, diamond industry began to promote Valentine Day as an opportunity to give jewelry.

In Japan, Valentine's Day has emerged cause to large-scale marketing, as a day where women give the men that they liked chocolate mint. However this is not done voluntarily but became a liability, especially for those who work in offices. They give chocolate to their male co-workers, sometimes with great cost. Chocolate is called the Giri-choko, from the words Giri (obligation) and choco (chocolate). Then, due to business marketing information, appears a replies day, called "White Day". On this day (March 14), men who have got chocolate on Valentine are expected to give something back.

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